Murphy Door Inc.


Murphy Door Inc. began in 2007 as a small door manufacturer, and from these humble beginnings, has grown to become the industry leader in creative door solutions.  While many people still come to us for our hidden door solutions, our products have evolved into a full and continually expanding line of creative, yet practical doorway solutions for every room in your home.  Built for both beauty and function, our doorway cabinet systems let you utilize all of the unused and wasted space in your existing doorways by replacing your boring, standard doors with a creative new solution.  Our front facing and reverse pantry doors and our closet door systems have options like built in laundry hampers, shoe racks, closet rods, storage drawers and more.  We realize that not everyone needs a hidden door, but we could definitely all use beautiful and functional solutions that address our continual need for more storage space while allowing us to take advantage of the already existing spaces that are simply wasted with standard doors.  Fall in love with our new line of home solutions and let us help you find the perfect fit for your home.