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Skills & Development Panel 

If you are looking to get ahead in the hunt for your next fantastic role in the construction industry then make sure you stop by the New York Build Skills Hub. Featuring a panel of industry experts, this session will cover a range of issues such as: what employers are looking for, how to get ahead in the game, how to get your head hunter working for you

11.00 a.m. Skills & Development Panel Discussion
- What HR/Recruiters are looking for?
- How young students are being prepared for the construction industry? What extra training schemes are out there?
- How can young professionals get ahead in the game?
- Career trajectories in construction & real estate development, how early career decisions impact overall growth potential
- The pros and cons of specialization within the field
- How to get your head-hunter working for you

Skills and apprenticeships
Skills and apprenticeships
Skills and apprenticeships