Digital Construction Summit

Nolita Rising: 75 Kenmare with Andre Kikoski Architect and Kravitz Design

Conference: Stream B March 15, 2017 10:45 AM - 11:10 AM

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Andre Kikoski

Andre Kikoski will talk about his newest project 75 Kenmare. AKA is designing this 90,000 SF building in conjunction with interiors by Kravitz Design.

AKA will discuss:

· Cultivating the connection between New Yorkers and the city they call home.

75 Kenmare is a 90,000 square foot residential condominium building in the heart of Manhattan’s Nolita neighborhood.

· Integrating into the next Architect’s Row…

AKA has created a striking contemporary statement to complement the neighborhood’s architectural landmarks, including new Tadao Ando building and Storefront for Art & Architecture

· The importance of using individual materials and exploring new technologies to create design solutions.

The building embraces and reinterprets concrete with a distinctive concrete façade, richly textured in a composition of randomly staggered vertical channels — in three unique widths — to create an animated play of shade and shadow. Double and triple height blackened steel window frames are complemented with bronze chamfers and alternating book matched “dancing mullions” to create a façade that offers an elegant visual experience for everyone in the neighborhood

· Ways to challenge ourselves to create experiences that are bigger than the square footage.

Every project we take on is about creating useful space and an environment that exceeds its boundaries in both private and public spaces.

· Creating architecture that stands up, 20 years from now.