Digital Construction Summit

Decentralizing Decision Making in the Field

Conference: Stream B March 15, 2017 12:35 PM - 12:55 PM

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Yves Frinault

• The difference between planning and reality and how to adapt to change.

• How to increase visibility on field execution and reduce reporting costs.

• Which decisions should be handled by your PMs and what to do with decisions that can be handled by the field.

• How to make data accessible for everyone and how that can decentralize decision making for your crew.

The adoption of mobile devices en masse in the field is reshaping the way we work. Collaboration apps are providing increased visibility on the job site and decentralizing the decision making process. During this session Yves will show you the advantages of moving towards a decentralized structure using examples and use cases from several verticals including the military and software development. We’ll learn how to take those learnings and apply them to the construction industry.