Architecture Summit

BROOKLYN BUILDS: Design Strategies for New Neighborhoods

Conference: Stream B March 15, 2017 2:55 PM - 3:25 PM

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Thomas Barry
Vincent Appel

  • A discussion of the growth and increasing density of the borough of Brooklyn, where 95,000 new residential units are anticipated to be added by the year 2040 due to an anticipated population growth of 105,000 residents. (New York City Population projections by Age/Sex & Borough, 2010-2040, New York Department of City Planning)
  • The identification of the bulk and housing types that can be realized in several up-zoned Brooklyn neighborhoods.
  • An analysis of the effect of up-zoning on existing neighborhoods’ character, community, and livability.
  • Specific case studies will be presented on strategies to give these districts a distinct urban character through progressive architectural design solutions that rethink building typologies, methodologies, and planning guidelines.