Our Why

Safety standards, best practices, innovation, and legislation are constantly changing. There are thousands of formal and informal safety committees, dozens of safety certifications, and thousands of courses.How do EHS professionals get the information they need quickly and easily? We aim to be the simple resource safety professionals turn to for all things safety.

Our Inspiration

Safety officers, first responders, environmental engineers and others working in environmental health and safety are our inspiration! We know how many challenges they face and how difficult it can be to keep pace with quickly evolving legislation and standards.

The Impossible Dream

We aim to create the ultimate resource for the EHS industry. At Safeopedia, we believe that EH&S information should be in the public domain for everyone who truly wants to learn, share, collaborate and make the world a better – and safer – place. We are committed to providing free environmental health & safety education and information to the industry and the public at large.

The Safeopedia Family

We are grateful for our partners who also share our vision and have contributed their valuable time and expertise to help make Safeopedia an educational hub for safety professionals. They include: