Feedback you will often hear from any exhibition is that it is all well and good having a room full of attendees, but it is meaningless if you can’t find or meet the individuals that interest you. Therefore at New York Build we have included multiple networking and meeting functions to connect attendees and exhibitors, including: VIP luncheons, Meet the Buyer sessions, a Women in Construction networking session, and many other opportunities to discuss the latest opportunities in the state and to provide a forum for business to be carried out.

We have been focusing our marketing efforts towards ensuring significant attendance from key groups such as: contractors, architects, specifiers, developers, distributors, merchants, engineers, investors, local government and more.

New York Build also includes 8 Summits which facilitate specific networking groups within, to connect the relevant people:

New York Build Summits
– Digital Construction and BIM
– Sustainability
– Health & Safety
– Government & Regulation
– Real Estate
– Architecture
– Infrastructure
– Skills Hub

For more information on networking opportunities please email