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GDPR in Construction

A lot of construction businesses, especially those who aren’t using construction tech and tools, still believe that GDPR will not affect them. They overlook the fact that how they handle employee data may be subject to GDPR scrutiny. Most modern construction businesses do not employ workers directly and personal data about individual workers are procured and communicated by third parties. With the advent of modern construction tech and tools, data exchange between various shareholders in a construction project is common. Personal data within construction projects are also collected through worksite access cards and CCTV. Personal data about customers and suppliers are also handled by construction businesses.

The smarter a construction project is and the more digitalised its processes are, it collects more data with which GDPR compliance should be checked.

As a construction business, here are the main points of GDPR data processing you would want to comply with (as summarised from above):

  1. Always process personal data lawfully, transparently and fairly.
  2. Only collect and process data based on specific and legitimate reasons.
  3. Only collect the minimum possible amount of data that your company needs in relation to your purpose. Additionally, only keep data that is required to be kept.
  4. Make sure data collected and processed are accurate and updated — those that aren’t should be reviewed or deleted.
  5. Delete data that is no longer needed for any given purpose.
  6. Always store data securely.

Although GDPR is purely a regulation in the EU, it will definitely have a huge global impact. Compliance is crucial for organisations affected but most especially for companies that are dependent on SaaS solutions. With GDPR forthcoming and the high stakes that come with it, it is imperative to know what you are in for. To end this article, we will quote Elizabeth Denham again with a short but powerful one-liner:

“We’re all going to have to change how we think about data protection.”


Source: Aproplan

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