Website: www.speedymason.com


Speedymason is a mortar bed panel system for installing thin masonry on residential and commercial remodeling and new construction projects.  Speedymason consists of high grade fiber composite material to provide strength and durability for interior and exterior thin brick and thin stone application.  This made in the USA product provides contractors and do-it-yourselfers a great time saving advantage over other systems in the industry.  The panel has built in guides that meter out mortar and shows the installer right where to install the brick and has an integrated water shed feature built in.  For interior application, the SpeedyPanel is the perfect solution for your thin brick needs.  The panel is 16” tall by 32” wide and has brick glued to the panel already.  Simply fasten the SpeedyPanel over your sheetrock, grout and you are done!  Experience the thin brick revolution today!