PROFLEX® products provides innovative flooring products engineered for crack suppression, sound reduction, moisture control and weatherproofing applications that are commonly found in today’s building and remodeling industries.

PROFLEX® membranes are ideal for interior and exterior applications of finished flooring, including ceramic tile, stone brick, and for interior applications of wood and other finished flooring.

PROFLEX® products are found in a wide variety of both residential, industrial, and commercial developments including single and multi-family homes, condominiums, commercial office spaces, hospitals, hotels, airports and stadiums.

PROFLEX® has been a pioneer for years in the development of products designed to make flooring and finished surfaces last longer than ever. By keeping at forefront of ever changing technology, PROFLEX® continues to be a driving force in the flooring installation industry, and providing our customers the peace of mind that a quality flooring system will last for years as a part of their building.