The Oriska Jobs & Careers Center (OJCC) is unique among continuing education and apprenticeship programs. Working with the New York State Departments of Labor and Education, and the State University of New York Maritime College, OJCC’s program for on-the-job training and related classroom instruction teaches workers in the construction trades. We also create customized continuing education programs to ensure your skilled craftsmen are knowledgeable in new techniques and products. Today OJCC is expanding its programs to include many new industries of the future like Mechatronics and Renewable & Sustainable Energy.

Our apprenticeship program reduces work related injuries, mitigates risk, which reduces the cost for insurance coverages.

Contractors: Your employees will possess the latest technological skills, their attendance improves, and they become better problem solvers and team members.

Manufacturers: Make sure that contractors and engineers know your products so they are installed and operate as designed.

OJCC is just good business