Helix Steel

HELIX Micro-Rebar is the world’s only CODE APPROVED Twisted Steel Micro-Reinforcement product. Able to FULLY REPLACE primary STRUCTURAL steel rebar and mesh in concrete, HELIX is changing the way concrete is reinforced. The HELIX 3-Dimensional reinforcement replaces traditional linear reinforcement. HELIX is always in the right place in the concrete – all the time! Engineers, builders and owners are now able to design, build and occupy their projects faster, at a lower cost and a lower environmental impact. In commercial concrete applications, HELIX can significantly improve the project schedule by cutting out weeks of time normally spent cutting, tying, chairing and placing rebar and mesh. Project site safety is also improved by elimination of the injuries and risks associated with rebar and mesh. HELIX is a FULLY ENGINEERED solution for concrete reinforcement. With millions of yards of HELIX reinforced concrete in place in the US, Mexico and over 30 other countries, HELIX is becoming the new reinforcement standard. HELIX is proudly MADE IN THE USA. Contact us to find out how HELIX can be a game changer for your project.