The EKO design originated over 30 years ago in Europe. Experience has lead to continued refinements  resulting in the simplest and fastest removable barrier stop log system. Just two high strength Titanium bolts are required to secure each post. Tilt up the post , secure the bolts , place the extruded aluminum stop logs  to the required height and secure the hold downs. Stainless steel post plates are precisely set flush with the concrete, granite or paving stones. EKO  end brackets are embedded in the masonry or due to structural issues bolted on—both are covered with stainless steel covers.
 EKO has engineering partners licensed in most States meeting applicable specification standards offering experience and knowledge of local building/public safety code requirements. Their analysis and calculations become part of the project submittal package depending on your  clients requirements. All are based on the applicable Federal , State, Local, FEMA & HUD standards and those of the USACE, ASCE, ASME, ASTME and AWS organizations.
EKO has completed many projects in  NYC & NJ on new construction and retro fitting existing infrastructure.   We would appreciate the opportunity to work with you.