East Coast Companies

East Coast Companies specializes in the sales, training and distribution of some the most recognized Machines, Tooling, Chemicals and products available in the restoration and remediation of   Commercial, Industrial and High End Retail concrete slabs and slab corrective work.

Some of our Partners are Green Umbrella Systems, GELMAXX, Hy-Tech Pump, IPC Eagle, Universal Polishing Systems, Ameripolish and HTC.

With these Industry leaders as partners we offer the most cost effective resolution to some of our clients most difficult project challenges from budget to project completion.

The foundation of our business is the services we provide in addition to the products.

Services Include but are not limited to:

  • Slab Inspection, Core Sampling, RH and Calcium Chloride Testing
  • Surface Geography and testing using the latest technology found in the ST-115 Concrete specifications.
  • Joint Control and Corrective Work for OSHA and ADA specific Standards
  • Substrate Preparation, Remediation of Adhesives, Grinding, Dying and Polishing
  • Custom Etching and Saw Cutting