Building Violation Services

BVS is a service consultancy. We work with Architects, Engineers, Contractors and City Agencies to provide an all-inclusive service to Landlords and tenants by coordinating sign-offs of NYC Department of Buildings job applications and by resolving city-issued violations in order to obtain Certificates of Completion and/or Certificates of Occupancy. Founded in 2015, BVS is located in New York.


A breakdown of our comprehensive services are listed below;
a.        Certificate of Occupancy
b.        Place of Assembly
c.        Construction Permitting
d.        Elevator Certificates
e.        Equipment Use Permits
f.         Scaffolds, Fence and Shed Permits
g.        Signage Legalization
h.        Sidewalk Café permitting
i.          Construction Sign-offs
2.                     EXPEDITING
a.        Plan submittal with the DOB, LPC, DEP, MTA and the DOT.
b.        Notice of Commencement
c.        Fine Reductions or Dismissals
d.        Certificate of Fitness & Corrections
e.        Court Representation
f.         Construction Permits
g.        Zoning and Title Search
h.        Microfilm Search
a.        Public Commission & Community Board Meetings
i.          Certificates of Completion
j.          Certificates of Occupancy
3.                        FDNY
a.        Public Assembly
b.        Ansul Systems
c.        Fire Alarms
d.        Fire Protection Plans
e.        Sprinkler
f.         Boiler
g.        Fire Suppression
h.        Generator/Fuel Storage
i.          Sprinkler Pre-Action
j.          Search and Removal of Fire Department Violations
4.                     VIOLATIONS
a.        Violation Search
b.        Validate merits of violations for evidence at hearings
c.        Strategizing ways to adjudicate violations
b.        Hearing and Court Representation
5.                     CODE CONSULTING
a.        Zoning Research
b.        Feasibility Studies
c.        Site Development Investigations Reports
6.                    ARCHITECTURAL DRAWINGS
a.        Field Measure
b.        First and subsequent phased egress plans
c.        Zoning/Land Development Plans
d.        Construction Documents
7.        .             PROJECT SIGNOFF
a.        Schedule Inspections
b.        Closing open permits
c.        Obtain Certificate of Completion and/or Occupancy