Smart Vent Products, Inc.

Smart Vent Products, Inc. is the leading manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and has an ICC-ES Certified product line with dual-function and insulated engineered models for residential and commercial applications. Smart Vent is providing over 80 million sq. ft. of certified flood protection around the world today. We are also proud to introduce a line of Dry Floodproofing Products – the Flex-Wall™. Through Point-of-use Storage: eliminating the need for off-site storage and fees, to Rapid Deployment in minutes with minimal manpower and no heavy equipment, to Scalable Designs: can be sized to fit any opening or threat, to Robust Construction & Advanced Materials: constructed with layered Kevlar® structural webbing with a coated fabric water retention layer, Flex-Wall™ provides a second to none dry floodproofing option. Call us at (877) 441-8368 or visit