Exhibitor Manual

New York Build Expo 2017 is delighted to release the first exhibitor manual draft for all exhibitors of the show. Within this manual you will find information on your stand, health and safety, parking, build timings…etc.

Please Read this Manual Carefully and in its entirety.

Click here to download the Exhibitor Manual*

Please note that this is the first edition and will be updated shortly with further details on how to book additional furniture, booth designs and Materials handling and much more.

Once you have read the manual you may visit the below links for quick access:

NOTE: The deadline for Electrical, Cleaning, Plumbing and Telecommunication service is now 21 days prior to event opening date.

Download the Freemans Kit pages 1-23 HERE

Pages 1-23 include:

Show Facts
General Information
Payment Methods and Terms and Conditions
Materials Handling
Shipping and Delivery Labels

Download the Javits Center Order Forms Kit HERE





Please be aware it is not the practice or the intention of the Javits Center to separate or have separated our Service Order Forms or Tool Kit for the following reasons:

As you can see we have researched the separation of our forms over the years and have come up with a Javits Tool Kit to resolve this problem.  We kindly request you present the Javits Tool Kits PDF or the Service Forms hard copies as a unit.

Additional Websites and services

Javits Utilities = http://www.javitscenter.com/exhibit/order-exhibit-services/order-services/
If you have question regarding Javits Utilities please call 877.452.8487

Centerplate  = http://www.ezplanit.com/OrderForm.asp?VID=260
If you have question regarding Centerplate please contact: cpjavitssales@centerplate.com

FedEx  = http://www.fedex.com/us/office/Hotels-Conventions/javits-nyc.html
If you have question regarding FedEx please contact: usa1280@fedex.com

SuperShuttle = www.supershuttle.com
If you have question regarding SuperShuttle please email:  skravitz@supershuttle.com or nycsales@supershuttle.com


*Exhibitor Manual last updated on 23.01.17