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Email Marketing 

We have seen our exhibitors in the past picking up a significant number of enquiries from reaching out to their contacts to request a meeting with them at the show, and offering them free tickets. Please click here for a sample that you can use.


Download Banners: 

We're Exhibiting - Email Banner

We're Exhibiting - Email Banner with Logo

We're Exhibiting - Social Media

We're Exhibiting - Social Media with Logo Space

Partner Advertising Offers

Please see below for advertising options through New York Build Partners, these companies may be in contact with regard to involvement in a New York Build editorial feature.

If you’re exhibiting at New York Build Expo, you understand the value of sharing your brand and story.

So, you might consider taking it one step further and having a magazine story about your company through US Builders Review, one of the most read B2B construction magazines, which is now a media partner of New York Build.

It’s like getting a custom suit made. Through an interview, the magazine takes your information. You review the story for a good fit, and then US Builders optimizes the story for Google, social media and its thousands of subscribers.

Ian Nichols of US Builders has details on the production process, including deadlines and advertising. He can be reached at 207-517-8067 or by email at