Draft – Digital Construction and BIM Summit

The Digital Construction and BIM Summit, a specialist conference taking place at New York Build 2017, will give you the opportunity to connect with the leading industry experts in digital construction from across New York.

Free to attend conferences and workshops will discuss the latest in CAD,& BIM technologies, master planning, IT solutions and hardware, cyber security, virtual reality, robotics, 3D printing and much more. Plus, try out the latest software developments for yourself, with free demo giveaways!

Network with: Architects; Contractors; Developers; Engineers; Surveyors; Facilities Managers; Heads of Innovation; Heads of Strategy & Development; Heads of Virtual; Heads of Engineering; Heads of Infrastructure; Heads of Technology Infrastructure; Heads of Emerging Technology; Heads of IT; Construction Directors; Development Directors; BIM Directors

Network with hundreds of senior digital construction experts from across New York

Taking place at:

• Conference Sessions and AIA CES Approved Training Workshops from expert speakers.

• Project case studies of New York’s major contractors and the future of digital construction – what comes next?

• The opportunity to engage with the leading minds in digital and BIM, from across the built environment – network with specialists from contractors, architectural practices, government, and others leading the way in Digital Construction and BIM. 

Day One - 15th March

10.15 a.m. Conference Room Opens

10.45 a.m. BIM - What Has Been Learned so Far?

• What should be done to ensure clients adopt the benefits of digital construction technologies?

11.45 a.m. Exhibition Tour Break

12.35 p.m. Small Business - Big Innovation

• How can SMEs exploit the potential of digital construction. Understanding how digitization can completely transform business models

• How should barriers such as lack of time and resources as well as cost implications be avoided?

• Skills and Training: How do you standardize digital processes across organizations

10.30 – 10.45 a.m. Welcome Address from Oliver Kinross & Chairman’s Opening Plenary Session

11.15 a.m. What Technology Means to Architectural Practice

• Increasing efficiency and accuracy: how architects can harness technology to serve clients in new ways

• Managing large-volume design programs, from prototype rollouts, to brand re-imaging, to ADA Compliance programs across multiple locations

Lanny McIntosh, CEO, Founder, The McIntosh Group

12.15 p.m. Cyber Security in the Built Environment

• What are the impacts of storing detailed building models in the cloud?

• How are we able to assess the risk of cyber attack?

12.55 p.m. The Art of Building through Technology Combinations of technology and constructability