Day Two – March 20, 2018

Stream A: Residential Construction

10:00AM | Conference Room 1 opens

10:10AM Welcome Address from Oliver Kinross & Chairperson’s Opening Plenary Session

10:20AM | NextGeneration NYCHA - New Construction

  • Overview of NYCHA and the NextGeneration NYCHA Plan
  • New Construction Program descriptions and progress updates
  • NYCHA Design Guidelines
  • Opportunities for partnering with NYCHA

10:45AM | The Affordable Housing Crisis

  • Opportunities for contractors, developers, and public-private partnerships in new construction and preservation projects
  • Adapting mixed-income housing development strategies as best practice

11:15AM | Exhibition Tour Break

11:30AM | Panel Discussion: Homes for New York - Is It Truly Possible to Profit from Delivering Affordable Homes?

  • Successfully delivering community benefit. How the construction industry can support the Public Sector?
  • Community benefit in action
  • Community benefit evaluation tools
  • Case study examples

12:00PM | Case Study -  Rehabilitating and Restoring the NYC landmark- Macy's Herald Square

Speaker: Kevin Kennon RA AIA NCARB LEED AP, Founder, CEO and Design Director, Kevin Kennon Architects PC

 Health & Safety Summit

12:25PM | Understanding Fire Risk in Residential Properties

  • Best Practice in Fire Safety Knowledge and Training
  • Unique challenges to high rise buildings
  • Improving and strengthening building control mechanisms
  • Fire risk assessments that are fit for purpose
  • The future role and responsibilities of landlords
  • Staffing levels, sprinklers, misting systems and other factors to address

12:50PM | Directorate of Construction Update

1:20PM | Construction Safety, The Next Level

  • The Next Level: Stop the Accidents
  • What You Should Know as CEO
  • Culture of Safety
  • Concrete and the Champs

1:45PM | Construction Health & Safety

  • The latest update and discussion around regulation and policy
  • The role of technology in improving Health & Safety

2:05PM | Panel Discussion: How do we Protect the Right and Health of Non-Union Workers? – An Insurmountable Challenge?

2:45PM | Exhibition Tour Break

3:00PM | Deadly Skyline: Promoting Construction Safety in New York

  • Presentation of statistics on construction fatalities and injuries
  • Discussion on what makes construction sites safer
  • Legislative recommendations at City and State level to increase safety on construction sites

Speaker: Charlene Obernauer, Executive Director, New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health

3:20PM | Panel Discussion: Health & Safety in NYC Construction

  • Non-union works rights
  • Build Life Scheme

Panelists: Charlene Obernauer, Executive Director, NY Committee for Occupational Safety & Health

4:00PM | Chairperson’s Closing Remarks

Stream B: Sustainability Summit

10:00AM | Conference Room 2 opens

10:15AMWelcome Address from Oliver Kinross & Chairperson’s Opening Plenary Session

10:30AMSustainable Design

  • How sustainable affordable housing is transforming New York
  • How do we move Passive House to the standard for construction?
  • How Passive House creates passive resiliency

10:55AMCase Study Presentation - Showcasing Major Housing Developments and Projects

11:15AMExhibition Tour Break

11:30AMSustainability in Architecture

  • Increasing demand for resource efficient architectural solutions that address program and budget requirements
  • Adopting a two-pronged approach to produce an effective and sustainable project
  • Reducing energy load and providing on-site generation also contribute to Resiliency

11:50PMThe Potential for Green Residential Real Estate and Green Living

  • The current lack of demand relative to supply for green residential real estate
  • Communicating to the public the benefits and potential for green residential real estate
  • Options for greening one's residential footprint

12:10PMBuilding a More Sustainable Future for Construction

  • Public and private sector collaboration
  • NYC's public sector sustainability priorities
  • Zero carbon standards

12:30PMPanel Discussion: Sustainable Design

  • How is sustainable affordable housing transforming New York?
  • How do we move Passive House to the standard for construction?

12:50PMExhibition Tour Break

1:20PMWhat More Should You Be Doing to Improve Sustainability in Your Designs?

1:40PMGreen Globes for New Construction

  • Green building rating systems - the features and use of Green Globes for New Construction (NC), based on an ANSI Standard (ANSI/GBI 01-2010: Green Building Assessment Protocol for Commercial Buildings)
  • Major federal incentives that can help the bottom line of you and your clients 


Real Estate Summit

2:05PMChairperson: Opening Remarks

2:10PMJavits Center Expansion Project

2:30PMGround Leased Fee Positions

2:50PMExhibition Tour Break

3:00PMPanel Discussion: Developing New York

  • The ever-changing NYC Construction market
  • Union v. Non-Union Contractors
  • Clever design creating value
  • Structuring the deal, creative strategies to underwriting
  • Using tax credits, incentives, working with city agencies, landlords without 421 an in place to get it financed!
  • Construction lending, construction companies as development partners with equity in the deal

4:00PMChairman’s Closing Remarks


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