AIA CES Approved Workshops

Day One - March 19, 2018


10:00AM | Understanding Foundation Flood Vents & FEMA’s Technical Bulletin 1

  • Applicable codes pertaining to Foundation Flood Venting
  • New ICC regulations, ASCE 24-05 and the National Flood Insurance Program (FEMA) Regulations
  • New NFIP floodplain Elevation Certificate
  • Requirements of Engineered Opening and Non-Engineered Openings
  • Process of independent evaluation of construction products and their value to architects and code officials

Speaker: Joe DelVecchio, Architectural Representative, Smart Vent

11:05AM | Precast Concrete–The Future of Low Carbon Buildings and Flooring Technology

12:10PM | Utilizing UAVs for Facade Inspections

  • History on facade ordinances
  • The benefits of a UAV to the facade inspector
  • Latest developments on a new ASTM standard

1:15PM | The Vision for Off-site Construction

  • The future outlook for off-site construction in NYC
  • Overcoming some of the wider industry challenges – how can off-site support this?
  • Best practice in off-site implementation
  • Productivity and certainty in delivery

2:20PM | Light Gauge Steel - Best Practice in Design, Connection and Application

Day one - March 19, 2018


10:00AM | Whole-House Ventilation Systems: Providing Healthy, Comfortable, & Energy Efficient Indoor Solutions

  • Understand the advantages and weaknesses of supply-only, exhaust-only, and balanced ventilation systems
  • Learn how heat recovery ventilation enables a comfortable a healthy environment
  • Understand HRV/ERV’s role in building an energy efficient home
  • Learn how to evaluate and choose the most effective HRV/ERV system.

Speaker: John Rockwell, Technical Sales Engineer, Zehnder America

11:00AM | How Better Team Communication Improves Energy Code Compliance

  • Improve communication with subs and employees to remove barriers to energy code compliance
  • Understand new air sealing challenges and how to pass the blower door test
  • Learn right-sizing requirements for mechanical equipment submittals
  • Identify and understand how to pass all new energy code inspections

12:10PM | Buildings Fit for the Future NYC

  • Reacting to space limitations due to the growing population
  • Buildings fit for purpose and use – How can we create more efficient and sustainable buildings?
  • Creating communities through community spaces

1:15PM | Safety Interviews and Building a Safety Resume

  • Training, experience and related skills
  • Perspective from both the interviewer and interviewee

2:20PM | Redefining Sustainability

  • Reducing emissions – The next steps to take
  • Developing low carbon infrastructure
  • Meeting the demand of clean heat

Day Two - March 20, 2018


10:00AM | Conflict on the Job Site: How to Resolve & Leverage Hostility for a Successful Project

  • Anticipating and preparing for confrontations
  • Defusing tense situations and finding common ground
  • Strengthening relationships on the jobsite

11:05AM | Systematic Method of Construction Management, from Design to Occupancy

  • Pre-Construction Development Phase
  • Design and Drawings
  • Establishing Construction Cost
  • Construction Management

12:10PM | Leadership, Ethics, and New Concepts in Construction Project Delivery

1:15PM | Maximizing Media Coverage of your Architectural, Construction, and Real Estate Development Projects

2:20PM | Presentation Reserved

Day Two - March 20, 2018


10:00AM | A New Approach to Engineered Timber Structures

  • How to make the right structural material choices for each application
  • How to make objective structural choices often by mixing materials and creating hybrid structures to get the best overall performance

Speaker: Dominique Briand, P. Eng, General Manager, Structure Fusion

11:05 AM | Presentation Reserved

Speaker: Lennart Andersson, RA, Director of Virtual Design & Construction, Sr. Associate Vice President, The LiRo Group

12.10PM | How to Align Your Digital Strategy – Where to Start?

1:15PM | AI, Big Data and IoT on AEC Space

2:20PM | Generating Revenue Through Digital Construction

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