AIA CES Approved Workshops

Day one - March 19, 2018



10:00 a.m. | Floodplain Design, Construction, and Impacts on Flood Insurance

• Describe floods, floodplains, and the potential hazards to buildings

• Explain the differences between wet floodproofing and dry floodproofing techniques and acceptable applications

• Describe the role of flood openings in flood events to ensure resilient structures

• Identify regulations, codes, and standards as they relate to sustaining foundations in flood hazard areas

• Analyze the role of building compliance in securing lowering flood insurance rates and what mitigation solutions are available

Brian Johnson, CFM, Flood Mitigation Specialist, Smart Vent


11:05 a.m. | Dry Flood Proofing

• Understand flood proofing methods

• Learn building considerations and codes

• Understand flood zones

• Identify available resources

Terry Smith, National Sales Manager, PS Doors


12:10 p.m. | Energy Efficient Glazing for High Performance Façade

• Discuss how current energy code requirements mandate certain glass selections

• Consider the selection of the energy efficient glazing units

• Identify critical elements of the glazing design responsible for building energy consumption and occupants’ comfort

• Integrate them as part of the high- performance façade system for codes, cost, and sustainable measures

Joe Fong, AIA, NCARB, BPAC, LEED AP (BD+C), Building Enclosure / Performance Modeling Specialist, Building Exterior Solutions a Terracon Company


1:15 p.m. |  Tools for the Journey to Becoming an Effective Safety Professional

• Differentiate between the tools and practices of a safety cop and those of a safety coach

• Discover which approach is needed to become an effective Safety Professional

• Learn methods for obtaining balance and compliance without fear

• Learn how to PACE yourself through: Passion; Accountability; Connecting; Engagement

• Discuss situational safety leadership; industry acceptability; unique company hazards, strengths, and weaknesses; challenges related to Safety and Health; the safety culture of the company or environment; and finally, how to maintain an effective and efficient safety and health program

Crystal D. Turner-Moffatt MS ASP CHST CSFSM WPLC, Safety and Security Manager; Principal Technical Specialist WSP (Formerly Parsons Brinkerhoff); President, CDT EHS Consulting LLC


2:20 p.m. | Multifamily Building Benchmark with BREEAM

• Introduction to the newly available multi-family application for the BREEAM In-Use Standard

• Receive an overview of how BREEAM is now able to apply its in-use standard to assist owners, managers, and tenants of multi-family residential properties

• Understand what In-Use is, its ability to be applied to any commercial or multi-family structure and how it can provide a path toward real performance improvement

Barry Giles, CEO, BRE America


3:25 p.m. | How to ‘Build’ a better Deep Energy Retrofit

• Understand the steps involved in orienting/training the construction team to be in line with the Passive House and sustainability goals

• Learn specific sequencing concerns that building low energy intensity Passive House retrofits entails

• Identify when not to involve parts of the construction team in the specificsustainability details (too much information can bog down a project)

• Learn the areas where the builder needs to focus most on highperformance construction in order for optimal performance

Jeremy R. M. Shannon, AIA, Director, Sustainable Design, NYC School Construction Authority

Pietro Calabretta, President, All Renovation Construction LLC

Robert Demetrio, VP/ Senior Project Manager, All Renovation Construction LLC


Day One - March 19, 2018



10.00 a.m. | Whole-House Ventilation Systems: Providing Healthy, Comfortable, & Energy Efficient Indoor Solutions
- Understand the advantages and weaknesses of supply-only, exhaust-only, and balanced ventilation systems
- Learn how heat recovery ventilation enables a comfortable a healthy environment
- Understand HRV/ERV’s role in building an energy efficient home
- Learn how to evaluate and choose the most effective HRV/ERV system

John Rockwell, Technical Sales Engineer, Zehnder America


11.05 a.m. | Residential Design using Modular Construction

  • Introduction to Modular/Prefab Construction Methods
  • Pros & Cons of Modular/Prefab Construction
  • Details of Modular Construction
  • Details of Prefab Construction
  • Implementing Modular/Prefab Design Guidelines
  • Advantages of Modular/Prefab with Design Build Delivery

Laszlo Kiss, Architect, Studio Kiss   

12.10 p.m. |  A New Approach to Engineered Timber Structures

  • How to make the right structural material choices for each application
  • How to make objective structural choices often by mixing materials and creating hybrid structures to get the best overall performance

Dominique Briand, P. Eng, General Manager, Structure Fusion


1:15 p.m. | New York City Cranes Codes and Regulations

• Become familiar with the different types of cranes and be able to describe their distinctive functions

• Examine the requirements for cranes and apply these provisions to design installations and inspections

• Review examples of cranes safety hazards to identify potential safety issues, strategies for prevention and will review rules for Cranes in order to mitigate risk

Ashraf Omran, P.E., Executive Director of Cranes and Derricks, NYC Department of Buildings


2:20 p.m. | Elevators: Technology and Design

• Identify existing and emerging elevator application technologies and their impact on current architectural design practice

• Learn how appropriate elevator system design is developed for a specific application

• Understand inter-relationships between elevator hoisting layouts, accessibility requirements, and elevator system performance

• Discussion of elevator design guidelines

Tim Russell, New Design Consultant, Lerch Bates Inc.


3:25 p.m. | Advanced Shotcrete

• Investigate advanced techniques in shotcrete placement referring to specific applications in tunnels, shafts, water retention, soil support, and blast support

• Summarize the ease and efficiency of structural concrete installations using shotcrete as the placement method

• Explain shotcrete’s inherent characteristics of high velocity and maximum compaction as an ideal method for placing high-density, high durability, structural concrete

• Explore numerous examples of successful shotcrete placement throughout the metro NY area

Bill Drakeley, Principal and Owner, Drakeley Industries and Drakeley Pool Company & Representative of American Shotcrete Association

Frank E. Townsend III, East Coast Region Manager for Superior Gunite & Representative of American Shotcrete Association

Day Two - March 20, 2018


10.00 a.m. | How to Align Your Digital Strategy – Where to Start?

Paul Blakely, Chief Executive and Creative Director, Industriagency

11.05 a.m. | What you need to know about marketing today

  • How to be seen and be heard in a crowded market place, using content-led marketing that delivers results
  • Delivery on your marketing campaigns that cut through the hype and successfully get in front of your target audiences
  • Demonstrate how to generate targeted, profitable leads using accessible and affordable content marketing methods.

Marie Grieve, Managing Director, Costello Palmer Communications   

12.10 p.m. | Don’t Kill Your Golden Goose: Succession Strategies to Protect and Perpetuate Your Business

  • Systems to ensure the continued success of your business through the next generation of owners and managers.
  • What exit strategy is right for you: Transfer to family members, complete sale, partial sale, IPO, or management buyout?
  • How to determine the current and future value of your business.

Larry Oxenham, Senior Advisor, American Society for Asset Protection (ASAP)   


1:15 p.m. | A Practical Non-Textbook Guide to Negotiating Construction Contracts

• Understand, evaluate and negotiate terms in construction contracts (AIA form document or otherwise)

• Identify opportunities to set the relationship with owners on firm and productive course

• Learn how to properly allocate risk

• Learn best practices for resolving disputes arising out of a construction project

Jessica L. Rothman, Partner, Ingram Yuzek Gainen Carroll & Bertolotti, LLP


2.20 p.m. | Powerful Management, Leadership and Technology

  • Explore Leadership in Construction
  • The Profile of an effective leader for the construction Industry
  • Existing leadership in the Construction Industry
  • Availability of Leadership skills in the Construction Industry
  • Project Managers and Superintendents roles and responsibilities

Megi Kurdadze, CEO, PMLT USA   

Day Two - March 20, 2018



10:00 a.m. | Moisture Intrusion: Identifying Cause and Effect

• Identifying sources of moisture within buildings

• Understand causes of moisture intrusion

• Become familiar with the common effects of moisture on building material

• Discuss the relationship of moisture and mold growth

• Identify tools for detecting moisture

• Learn about preventing moisture intrusion

Zohaib A. Alvi, P.E., Consultant, Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc


11.05 a.m. | Building Data Mining with Revit and Dynamo

  • Explore how building design data can be extracted, graphed, transferred and organized within a revit model.
    • Present an overview of the various tools and methods currently in Practice though live examples.
    • Walk participants through setting up there data in Dynamo to be exacted for use in various formats such as excel, power BI, and the cloud
    • Show participants how the process can be simplified using dynamo player for one button extractions of data.

Robert Cervellione, R. A., Founding Principle, CERVER Design Studio


12.10 p.m. | AIA Contract Documents Online Service Basics

  • Become familiar with the AIA Contract Documents online service in order to learn the primary features that allow you to draft, customize, review, and share contracts quickly and easily
  • Receive a live demonstration of the AIA Contract Documents website and online service.
  • Discuss how to access resources and education regarding AIA Contract Documents content- including information on the AIA contract document families and newly released 2017 revisions to the A201 family of documents
  • Learn tips and tricks on how to complete contract documents efficiently

Caitlin Sweeney, Specialist, Marketing and Education Global Innovation, AIA Contracts


1.15 p.m. | Design, Approval, Construction and Sign off on NYC Renovation Projects

• Become familiar with the filing process to obtain for your project with NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) and NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC)

• Enjoy a live review of the NYC DOB and LPC websites so that you can navigate these sites to assist you with filing information

• Discuss strategies for filing and discuss options to ensure that you create a realistic schedule for your projects’ filing and approval timeline

• Learn about new filing requirements at NYC DOB and tips and tricks on how to complete the filing process efficiently

Joel Napach, President, Napach Design Group

Maria Bucasan, Building Code & Zoning Consultant, Framework Consultants LLC


2.20 p.m. | Artificial Intelligence and Smart Homes

  • What will the transition look like when a home goes from a place an individual takes care of to a place that takes care of its inhabitants?
  • How will wearables measuring biometrics be incorporated into the smart home?
  • How will lighting, security, and temperature devices eventually work together?
  • What other applications are coming for the smart home?
  • Will big tech giants or startups be the winners in this space?

Andrew Weinreich, Founder, Entrepreneur

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